What is a Super Affiliate?

A super affiliate performs in the top tier of all affiliates. Basically he/she is a top performer with a consistent track record of earnings.

Consistent affiliates do a few things that many affiliates don’t strive for. Consistent affiliates provide value. Making a quick buck, sometimes at the expense of others, is just not in the makeup of the consistent super affiliate.

Leverage is very important to the top performers. This means that of actions taken, you devise ways to repeat success with incrementally lower amounts of effort. Sometimes the effort to repeat success becomes so low that things seems to happen on auto-pilot.

How will you know when your actions are good for earnings? Measurement. Super affiliates measure everything. Measurement reporting tells you right away what not to do anymore. Keep doing the things that provide value or cut costs.

Information you find on these pages hopefully adheres to the characteristics described of the super affiliate.

Remember these traits on the journey to super affiliate status. And if you’re already there, hone your skills and strive to be better each day.

  • Consistency
  • Value
  • Leverage
  • Measurement

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