Sales Funnel Aesthetics

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Sales Funnel Aesthetics

Without a doubt, the aesthetic appeal of your site can massively turbo-boost your overall conversions across your entire Traffic Funnel

  • Genuine end-user testimonials.
  • Crisp, clean, non-convoluted layout.
  • Site owner graphical signature and photo.
  • Alluring professionally-designed eCover graphics.
  • A compact main heading/sub heading combo minus the annoyingly hokey looking red headline.

You’d think the above tips would be plainly obvious. Point of fact: The vast majority of web marking sites I’ve checked out look like they belong in a circus freak show. So do yourself a favor and strip your sites down to a crisp, clean, easy-on-the-eyes trust-building opportunity.

Deploy all of the above and amaze yourself with the resulting conversion boost. Pure and simple.

Hot Tip: For self-hosted WordPress users, I have found the s2Member plugin absolutely indispensable for creating Traffic Funnels. Amongst numerous other highly desirable capabilities, it can be configured to seamlessly collect leads completely in the background (via MailChimp).

Granted, it does take a bit of work to initially get everything set up right. But once you’ve done it as many times as I have, it flows like clockwork; whereby providing a remarkably smooth end user experience.

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