Creating A Good Backend To Sky Rocket Your Internet Sales

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Creating A Good Backend To Sky Rocket Your Internet Sales

If you really want to be successful online, you need a back end system in place that’s capable of selling to your customers again and again. If you only sell one product and nothing else, you’re losing out on massive amounts of profit everyday.

So, let’s take a look at how to build a killer backend sales funnel that’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

First of all, it’s critical that you capture and collect customer names and email addresses. This will let you contact them repeatedly with valuable information and offers for new products. You can’t market to people you have no way of contacting.

Now, you need to determine what kinds of products your customers would appreciate. Products directly tailored to their interests and selected just for them. You should know what your customers’ interests are. If not, do some niche research.

The easiest way to find products to offer on the back end is to look at affiliate programs, which sell products in your niche (or highly related to it). Seek out products from your customers’ perspective.

Be certain that the products you’re going to promote in your back end sales funnel are high quality and really work. It’s critical to keep a good working relationship with your customers. If they stop liking you for any reason, they’ll never buy from you again. This has the potential to greatly weaken your sales funnel.

Ok. Now you’ve signed up for the best looking affiliate programs that offer good payouts and high quality products you’re ready to start selling.

It’s a good idea to disguise your offers in the form of valuable information. This means you send your customers a message full of information pertinent to their interests. This grabs their attention. Then, after you’ve laid down some good solid information, tie in your offer to the info you just gave.

You shouldn’t make offers to your customers too often. This can burn them out. Also, be sure to send some messages that don’t end in offers. This is critical. If you only send offers, people will likely stop reading your messages. You definitely don’t want this to happen.

A good back end is the backbone of internet marketing. Use the principles outlined in this article to build yourself a strategic and profitable sales funnel. Once you see how much more profit you rake in because of it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

You must find a good niche in internet marketing, check the stats. Type your seed keyword for that niche into a keyword tool to find out how many searches it gets every month. It’s best to stay over 10,000 searches. (Obviously, the more the better.)

You then need to check to see if it’s overly competitive. Go to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN search engines. Type into the search in quotes “your seed keyword”. On the sidebar there should be a total number of search results.

With Google, it’s best to stay under 1,000,000 results. With Yahoo!, under 500,000. And with MSN, under 300,000. This will keep your competition at a minimum, and obviously, the less the better with these numbers. These figures are what I go by; however, you will get different recommendations from different internet marketers.

Once you find a niche that fits into the above criteria, type the keyword into google and scan through the websites that come up. See what other people are selling, if there are people selling at all. You may find that there is so much free information, that it would be practically impossible to sell anything in it.

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