Four Super Affiliate Power Strategies

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Four Super Affiliate Power Strategies

Power Strategy #1: The Prospect Pre-Sell Strategy

As an aspiring Super Affiliate in training. you’ll quickly discover that your prospects are often quite resistant to Mega Launches due to getting pounded with several similar pitches from multiple lists simultaneously.

What’s more, is that until you’ve built up some serious rapport over time, you’re subscribers will typically view you as yet another huckster going for the quick buck. So how can you avoid this? You can start by “priming the pump” very early in a subtle manner.

• Step 1: Email your list members as far ahead of time as possible, and let them know not to buy the product until after you get the chance to honestly review it as the end user. While that certainly doesn’t seem like a sales pitch, it stealthily sets you up for one.

• Step 2: Once you’ve actually purchased your copy, you’ll then send them a broadcast email letting them know you’re in the process of going through it, and to stay tuned for the juicy details (or similar).

• Step 3: After you’ve made the time to thoroughly digest it, then create a brutally honest Pro’s / Con’s review of it on your blog. Naturally, this should also include why you sincerely believe it will help solve one or more problems for your subscribers.

• Step 4: Then send them a broadcast email letting them know you’ve posted your review.

Hot Tip: To make this work like total gangbusters, send out no more than three broadcast emails within a week spaced at least two days apart. Also be sure to include a valuable “thank you for reading” gift link (in each P.S) as you deftly deploy the following Unique Bonus Strategy…

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Power Strategy #2: The Unique Bonus Strategy

When climbing the Super Affiliate ranks, you’re literally selling the exact same product as everyone else. As such, you must set yourself apart from all the other Affiliate Marketers. Bluntly, you have to provide the best bonuses for those who purchase through your link.

For example, creating a valuable (physical) CD-Rom that helps solve problems within your niche will massively set you apart from your competition. Industry Leader, makes print-on-demand CD-Roms a breeze. What’s more, is that their prices are quite reasonable .

The media is the highest grade in the industry, and they’re PayPal-friendly, as well. A nice bonus like this does require a bit of forethought… but it will be so completely different from anything else people used to seeing.

Power Strategy #3: Web Marketing Secret Agent Strategy

Many big-name Internet Marketers also just happen to be Super Affiliates, and their actions speak louder than their words. Use this to your extreme advantage.

Rather than viewing their correspondence through the eyes of a typical end consumer… enter into Web Marketing Secret Agent mode and secretly study Super Affiliates.

Start focusing less on what they say and more on what they do; whereby secretly discovering their revealed preferences.

In other words, aside from the product pitch hoopla (which can still be useful info for gathering intel)… when a particular marketing strategy works well, they will keep using it (or a refinement thereof).

These are the types of patterns to keep an eye out for. Carefully study each of their email sends, blog posts, squeeze pages, sales pages, bonus offers, and any other pertinent web links. Observe what they’re doing similarly, as well as what they’re doing differently.

For example, do they pre-sell products (and how)? Or do they avoid pre-sales and then talk about the product several days after the launch? Which ones actually engage their readers, and which ones are merely hard-pitching. Are their email swipes intriguing? What type of bonus package are they offering?

You can glean a wealth of valuable insights from each simply by changing your point of view.

Power Strategy #4: The Long-Game Strategy

Without exception, Super Affiliates almost always have access to a very large, captive audience. Rather than scraping to find customers whenever a new product goes live… they build lists, create forums, and cultivate captive audiences non-stop.

Conversely, less successful Affiliate Marketers often use some variation of “spray and pray” marketing. They’ll throw together a promotional website for some new launch and drive traffic to it using pay per click search engine advertisements, solo ads, etc… often times, without even attempting to capture their leads first.

Occasionally, they get lucky with the right offer at the right time. However, they nearly always go broke in the long run; hence why the online marketing failure rate is so high (between 90-95%, depending what statistic you go by).

To make things even more challenging for the novice Affiliate Marketer: Almost without exception, people will purchase a Mega Launch product from a Marketer they’re already comfortable with.

So if you’re serious about becoming a Super Affiliate, then become the Voice that’s listened to. One highly efficient way to accomplish this, is to deploy a time proven (modular) Traffic Funnel approach that will consistently attract subscribers and sales on autopilot.

The absolute perfect example of a product that is going to fulfill this requirement is CB Passive Income. Here is how to find it and how to get it: Recommend CB Passive Income (Affiliate disclosure: If you use this product – which you should – I receive a commission)


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