How To Give Great Affiliation Disclosure

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How To Give Great Affiliation Disclosure

If you conduct any type of affiliate marketing-based business whatsoever through a US-based server, such as:

  • JV Give-Away events,
  • Monetizing with affiliate offer reviews,
  • Receiving free Professional Review products, etc, etc…

Then the SEC and FTC have distinct jurisdictional powers over your affiliate marketing endeavors.

It’s important to note that this is regardless of where you reside. Consequently, be sure to properly disclose your affiliate marketing connection clearly, concisely and plainly; in a non-obfuscated and easily-view able manner.

To put this into perspective, your disclosure must be in obvious proximity (aka “clear and conspicuous”) relative to any affiliate link (aka “triggering item”).

One of the easiest ways to maintain compliance, is to simply post a plainly obvious affiliate earnings mini-disclosure at the very top of any page/post that houses one or more affiliate links.

Your mini-disclosure would then link to your full disclosure page, whereby helping to build trust with your readers (due to the very fact that you are making it so plainly obvious).

This site places disclosure links in the footer section of every page. (Go see the footer section).

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