How To Make Money From Free Products

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How To Make Money From Free Products

Is it even possible to legally make money from free products, you might ask? If it weren’t possible I would not be wasting your time and my time with this article. So, read on…

To make money from free products there are three extremely important principles that you must adhere to.

These principles are:

1. Find high quality products.

When you promote and recommend any product, you are attaching your name and your reputation to that particular product. If you promote products of inferior quality your reputation and your integrity will suffer, and any success that you might have will be very short-lived.

Building a sustainable long-term business based on product promotion, including promoting free products, requires you to be very selective in terms of the quality of products that you promote.

2. Respect copyright and intellectual property.

As you will see further on, I am not advocating, approving, or condoning stealing other people’s intellectual property and gaining in any way from their efforts in an illegal or unethical manner.

As above, to build a sustainable business with free product promotion you absolutely must respect the copyright and intellectual property of the authors and owners of those free products.

3. Find free products with an affiliate commission system at the back-end.

To make money from free products, you need to find free products that promote and lead to bona fide sales of another product, and where you get paid an affiliate commission on those sales.

This method needs to be backed up by a robust affiliate commission tracking system that can follow your referrals from the free product all the way through to the eventual sale of the commissionable product.

This can be a very easy and very lucrative way of making money.

You do not need to convince people to take their credit cards out of their wallets. That is the job of the author or owner of the free product. All you need to do is to promote the free product and convince people to sign up for or receive a free product.

From that point forward they are in the sales funnel of the owner of the free product while you collect your affiliate commission when the final sale is made.

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