How To Write Effective Email Copy That Gets Results.

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How To Write Effective Email Copy That Gets Results.

By Andrea Flores
By Andrea Flores

There is a big difference between an effective email that can help you make a lot of money, and just the standard email that might help you make a sale …. or none at all.

If you’re going to see any success online, you need to know email marketing, or if you already are seeing success. If you are already seeing success you know exactly what this means!

But getting people to open and actively participate after opening your email is not an easy task … unless you know the simple techniques I’m going to show you right now.

Even if you are experienced this will not only be a great refresher, but I bet you will also pick up a few things to improve your email marketing even more.

If you’ve gotten little to no results using Viral List Building sites or from sending solo ads, or even writing to your own personal list, then with this formula you can startseeing highrer open rates and conversions immediately.

The Subject Line

The very first thing when you write your email is your subject line.

What many peoplpe don’t realize is that this is actually the MOST important part of the whole email campaign.

If the subject line does not appeal to the reader, they won’t even bother opening the email.

So if you’re going to spend a lot of time brainstorming, your time is best spent on coming up with a killer subject line.

A good subject line has just one purpose, and that is to get the person to open the email.

You are not trying to sell anything, or even reveal what you are going to say in the email.

In fact, too much information is bad!

Why? Because your subject, just like any headline, needs to make them CURIOUS to know what is in the email.

If you tell them what is in the email then they won’t be curious to find out willthey?

So, most importantly, give the reader a reason to open the mail to learn more.

It is also better to be more benefit oriented in your subject than feature oriented. Basically, What’s in it for them?

Here is an example of a subject line that conveys a feature: We have detailed statistics tracking.

Here is an example of a subject line that shows a benefit: You will know exactly how well your ads are performing so you can optimize your campaign and make more sales.

In fact this will apply to your whole message too. You want to be speaking to their emotions because benfits are what sell them on why they should get what you have.

You can also write with combined feature and benefits in one sentence.


Let’s talk about using personalization, since many marketers do not understand its use and they use it incorrectly.

Personalization is when you send a message you can insert a code for the recipient’s first name – such as [fname] and when they receive it they will see their name in that spot.

Personaliztion can help increase your results. But it can also Hurt your results.

A general rule for personlization is to not use it just for the sake of using their name.

The reason you use personalization is to make it sound conversational.

Here is a bad example of personalization in use: “[fname] – The real secrets to getting results from list builders…”

Now here is a good example: “Hey [fname], here’s a secret to maximizing list builders…”

Do you see how the second example creates the feeling like you are starting a conversation?

Also, as far as your message is concerned, don’t repeat their name all the time – it’s just not natural.

When you write a subject line, every word has to earn its place. If a word doesn’t serve a purpose, it shouldn’t be there there.

An easy way to write a strong subject line is to think of a question – or something shocking that will make them want to know what the heck you are talking about.

Another way is to start keeping a text file of subject lines that have grabbed your attention.

A great benefit to being part of many safelists or viral list builders is that you receive mails regularly from different users who are competing for your attention.

A lot of subject lines won’t be good, but as you look over the emails, the ones that grab your attention you will want to save in your text file.

Now when you need to write a strong subject line, you can look at your text file and get ideas towards writing your own.

The Next Part Of Your Email Is The Body Opening

A lot of peoplpe go way wrong here, and you can quickly see that by browsing just a few emails from viral list builders or safelists.

What are they doing wrong? Most start out by shouting and trying to pitch full speed ahead.

The better approach is to be conversational.

Even in safelists and viral list builders, you may get away with being pushy because people kind of expect it in that context. But your results will still be lower whenever you are being pushy.

And remember, especially if writing to your own list, it is critical to be conversational.

Of course you want to get people excited, but you don’t want to go over the top with too many POWER WORDS, or dozens of exclamation points !!!!!! 🙂 If you do, they won’t take you seriously. And for most people it will turn them off and they will block you out.

If you want to get into the readers mind, you eneter a conversation with them so they can actively participate.

To do this you simply pretend you are casually talking to that person (your ideal prodpect) directly face to face like a normal person.

But you still need to get to the point fast, don’t go overboard with it either. People get tons of emails a day … many get hundreds a day — just to put it in perspective. They don’t have time to read them all. Who does?

People will be extremely quick to delete if you don’t them a reason to care.

And this is another reason why if you are writing over-the-top by shouting they will be even quicker to batch you with everyone trying to pitch them and just ignore your message.

So you need to deliver quickly the reason why your email matters to THEM.

You also need to respect their time by keeping your content tight and relevant.

Don’t go on tangents. How you can make sure you do this is always write with the end goal in mind. What do you have to tell them to get them to do that action?

Anything you don’t need to tell them, leave it out!

Especially in viral list builders your results will be usually greater if you keep your email shorter. Since people don’t know you, they aren’t willing to read your whole email if it is long.

When writing your own personal list you can get away with writing longer emails because they know you and will read more. So you you can pre-sell them more on the the offer.

Bullets are also a big part of your email copy, and also commonly misused.

Bullets are short blurbs following an asterisk sign *

The most effective bullets are those that are “blind” …

Blind means it doesn’t tell them the whole story, and will get them more curious in the product.

Here is a good example:

* Learn 3 sure-fire techniques to tripple your opt-ins

It doesn’t say what the techniques are, but I’m pretty sure we all want to know how to tripple our opt-ins, right?

Now, Let’s Cover Formating.

When writing, you need to make it very easy to read.

This means writing one sentence.

Then another.

Like so.

You can tie one or two sentences together, but never make large paragraphs.

Also, keep your copy narrow. Making it too
wide has a bad effect in email.

You Need A Strong Closing

During the whole email you shold have kept in mind exactly what you want the reader to do.

But especially now it’s critical.

You don’t want to confuse the reader by giving them options or trying to promote two or more different products in the same email.

Often when you do that they will do nothing.

Once you are focused and you know what you want the reader to do, you simply tell them exactly what to do.

For example: “Click this link right now and pick up your copy”

Being weak in you closing is never good, just be confident and tell them what to do.

Don’t say “I think” – or – “If you”. They will sense your lack of confidence.

The P.S. – The Best Part Of Your Email

Beileive it or not, not P.S. is often the most read part right after the subject line.

Many people will open your email and then scroll directly to the bottom and read the P.S.

This means you should always include a great P.S.

Having a P.S. usually always increases results.

It’s often a brief summary of you offer, or just that extra something to push them over the edge to take your offer.

Your P.S. can even be quite long and you can write multiple P.S.’s and restate your guarantee, restate the urgency to act now, and sum up your entire offer in one sentence or two.


That’s It. That is a formula to engineerin an effective email that will drive you results.

Here Are The Parts Of The Email Again:
* The Subject Line
* Body Opening
* Bullets
* Strong Closing
* The P.S.

I hope this was helpful.


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