Key Elements Of An Irresistible Traffic Funnel

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Key Elements Of An Irresistible Traffic Funnel

A properly-designed Traffic Funnel can mean the difference of adding another zero to whatever you are currently used to generating online annually.

The most lucrative Traffic Funnels have the following traits in common:

  • Are fad-neutral / season-neutral.
  • Contain no hype, visual noise, or “click me” distractions.
  • Address the Top Four Consumer Questions (covered below).
  • Are benefits-bullet packed, with one very specific (unified) call to action.
  • Build trust every step of the way, while totally avoiding information overload.

Remember the old saying about “Honey attracts more than vinegar”? The same holds true when creating Traffic Funnels. How so? Selling online is similar to offline dating. Unless you’re into “dating” hookers or bar flies… you usually do not start out jumping in bed.

In other words, you have a much greater chance of monetizing your list if you love and nurture your subscribers because you truly care. If you start by building a strong trust-based relationship with your subs, they’ll eagerly look forward to hearing from you again and again.

And that’s when you’ll really start seeing your traffic, subscribers, social shares, linkbacks, and profits skyrocket like a bat out of hell. Rather than merely a list of email addresses only there to make you money… on the contrary. Serious Bank emerges when you develop a heart-felt relationship with your list and truly help them achieve their goals.

The rewards are breathtakingly splendid, to say the very least. You’ll then have yourself a bonafide cash-crapping Goldmine of Opportunity at your disposal.

Remember your #1 Greatest Asset is a responsive, targeted subscriber list eager to spend money with you. Get that right, and the rest is biscuits, gravy and apple pie (with ice cream on top)

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