Special Thank You Page Considerations

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Special Thank You Page Considerations

Thank You pages should not have any affiliate offer pitch whatsoever (except as noted below). Its sole purpose is to over-deliver real value and build rapport with your subscriber as the Go-To Girl / Guy within your niche.

It’s not so much the “what”, but rather the practical value of the information and resources you’re providing for your subscribers. Buyer resistance is rapidly reduced when you are always truly helpful, and never pushy:

  • Keep your hard-pitching down to a minimum (i.e. once every seven email sends),
  • And always be extremely generous with high quality no-strings shares each and every mailing.

Hot Tip: Let’s say that you found a really excellent Love & Romance niche product that you felt was worthy of promoting. To instantly discover a treasure trove of freely available goodies, I’d go to Google and type in the following two searches verbatim (with quotation marks)…

  • “love tips” filetype:pdf
  • “romance tips” filetype:pdf

Just those two searches alone will produce many dozens of freely available L&R tips PDFs. I’d then select the direct links to the very best dozen or so, and create a highly-focused “mini resource directory” right under the main Freemium Offer download link.

Naturally, each resource would have a brief couple-sentence explainer on why it’s being recommended.

Now you might have to experiment a bit with different keyword combos (for the best resources), but this has always worked without fail for every niche I’ve done this with. In some cases, it’s produced some pretty amazing results.

At the very bottom of your value-packed Thank You page, you’d have a discreet teaser linked to your no-holds-barred brutally honest affiliate offer review page on whatever you’re genuinely excited about.

Now, for this to really work like gangbusters – the affiliate offering must perfectly resonate with your free offer. And on that note, most so-called “reviews” are snake-oily and do not actually help the end consumer. So dare to be different.

In other words, write real reviews that openly discuss the draw-backs AND extol the virtues of the reviewed product or service. Your customers will admire your honesty, and your wallet will prove their loyalty.

Before you start building your own highly profitable Traffic Funnels:

  • Have a clear picture of a specific problem your ideal subscriber is facing.
  • Have a clear picture of what your typical web visitor is going to experience when they land on your site (i.e. your “Funnel flow”).
  • Strongly consider the real value of your offers (which is not to be confused with ‘perceived value’).

Going about it this way helps to ensure maximum receptivity and minimum unsubscribes.

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