The Tease Is In The Squeeze

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The Tease Is In The Squeeze

First of all, a brief explanation of what a squeeze page is and how it works is in order. In the purest sense, a squeeze page is a highly optimized and focused lead generator catering to a specific niche; the public-facing top (aka “mouth”) of a highly profitable Traffic Funnel.

The very best converting squeeze pages are the ones that never attempt to be “all things to everyone”: They excel at catering to one specific niche’s problems and concerns.

Think of your squeeze page as your rapport-building mini “solutions provider” that never sleeps and is willing to tirelessly serve your niche aficionados 24/7 (yep, even on Holidays). For example, your visitor lands on your site, and sees your invitation to a…

  • Free download,
  • Free subscription,
  • Free trial / sample,
  • Or some combination thereof.

Done right, your visitor is practically salivating to get in on the action. And unless you have a REALLY damn good reason for doing so, your squeeze page should never, ever ask fer more personally identifiable info than just an email address (and at the very most, maybe their first name).

Numerous marketing studies over the years have shown that opt-in rates are directly related to the amount of information being collected. When split-tested, just an email address and nothing else generated the highest response.

Opt-in conversions were discovered to rapidly decline on opt-in form split tests requesting more than just an email and first name.

Now after your visitor submits their details, your autoresponder then automatically sends them an email with an opt in verification link. Right after clicking on the verification link, they are either:

  • Automatically sent a second email containing the access link,
  • Or instantly able to access whatever the promised goodies are (depending on how you set your Traffic Funnel up).

Although there’s a wide variety of different squeeze page strategies, that’s the overall gist of a basic squeeze page.

However, it’s the different Traffic Funnel styles that open up exciting venues of opportunity for you to get creative. Let us now explore several intriguing Traffic Funnel tips, strategies, and characteristics.

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